The Trust Project is an international coalition of news publishers working together to promote truth, fairness and accuracy in the age of ‘fake news’. Partners include The Washington Post, BBC, The Globe and Mail, CBC, The Economist and various news outlets from North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Since 2016, I’ve been a member of the UX and Development working groups, and acted as creative lead overseeing its brand identity and multiple promotional campaigns.

Official logo mark of The Trust Project, displayed on news member sites across North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

Trust Indicators: Through a user-centered and collaborative design process, The Trust Project has created a system of universal signals to help readers identify reputable, verified content. Trust Indicators are user-facing (UX elements) and machine-readable in their underlying code. They are now incorporated on 120 websites with an audience of 217 million readers. 

In 2018, I led the creative work for a global social media campaign promoting Phase II implementation of its news partners, translated into multiple languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Greek.

The Trust Mark: I led the creation of the official Trust mark through a design working group that included UX and design professionals from the U.S. and Europe. During an intensive 4-week design sprint we conceived, iterated upon and launched the official logo and mark. The Trust Mark is now visible on news media websites worldwide. 

Publishers can apply The Trust Mark to stories or
pages to identify verified, trustworthy content. 

The Trust Mark is now visible on member sites
including The Economist.

Brand Guidelines, 2019: An interactive PDF outlining the visual identity and brand standard for The Trust Project.

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