Rebranding Canada's most respected newspaper

The Globe and Mail is a recognized leader in journalism and Canada's most trusted source for news, business and politics. On October 1, 2010, The Globe launched the most notable redesign in its 165-year history — a full-colour, design driven publication with bold visuals, luxury advertising and new ventures in storytelling. My role as art director and lead designer for the project, and overall rebranding of the company, gave me the opportunity to reinvigorate this Canadian media icon with a new visual strategy and typographic system. 

During my tenure as Design Director, The Globe has been recognized with numerous awards for print and digital presentation, photography, information graphics and interactive storytelling. 

The design process began with radical type exercises and experimental layouts in black and white.

Prototypes were built using our new, flagship font family by Shinntype.

Ottawa terrorist attacks, October 2014

The Globe today

Further design enhancements were implemented in 2015 in order to streamline colour and enforce a new standard for graphics and data visualization. This coincided with a redesign for the Report on Business section.

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