Texas Instruments (2019 - 2021)
Creating a global end-to-end customer experience

Through my design direction and creative leadership of Texas Instruments’ UX/UI and product teams spanning Toronto, Dallas, Silicon Valley and New Delhi, I have delivered numerous optimized, scalable, and customer-tested solutions for TI’s e-commerce store during its expansion to the global B2C market. Texas Instruments is a renowned Fortune 500 tech company and a dominant player in the semiconductor and integrated circuits sector.

A responsive header design with login, language, location and currency options allows the customer to quickly select their language, ship to and currency preferences.

The customer can authenticate quickly and painlessly with responsive login, registration and verification alerts in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German and Russian on any device.

Mobile registration page in English.

Language selection tool.

Registration page in Chinese.

TI’s customer dashboard features ordering resources, profile and address management, and notification settings in a clear, task-oriented layout. (MVP)

The responsive product page is informative and organized to assist the customer in making a purchasing decision. 

Clear pricing and packaging cards, and prominent CTAs are positioned in an expected and useful hierarchy.

Product features and specifications are designed in table, list and text descriptions to support browsing, scanning and deeper reading.

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