Henry of Pelham Family Estate: The autumn harvest in Niagara's wine country

This video project for The Globe and Mail presents a deep and personal account of the winemaking process at one of Canada's most recognized vineyards. Here, we present Matthew Speck, co-owner and head viticulturalist at Henry of Pelham Family Estate in Niagara, Ontario. The nuanced blend of audio and visual throughout the story captures a spiritual connection and labour of love in winemaking from the vine to the bottle — in rich and beautiful detail. Videography by Patrick Dell. 

A variety of site locations, camera angles and shooting styles in the vineyard, farm and cellar marries the beautiful scenery and diverse imagery of the winery in the late autumn.

Our partnership with DreamQii and use of their PlexiDrone technology on the project provided stunning aerial footage of the vineyard and Niagara's exquisite landscape.

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