Financial Data and Investing UX

Globe Investor is a full-service digital financial suite offering real-time market data, signature Watchlist and Portfolio tools, and deep analysis on stocks, ETFs, funds, and currencies. Between 2017 and 2019, I collaborated with the Globe’s financial products team and partner Barchart Inc. on a complete redesign and UX upgrade to a fully responsive format.

The UI design of tables and charts was aimed to enhance organization, order and ‘scannability’.

Stock section page for desktop breakpoint.

Research: User studies were conducted to assess behaviour and sentiment around financial content, market data and investing tools. New features were prototyped and further tested to measure improvements to usability, engagement and loyalty.

Downloadable diagnostics reports allow subscribers to track their portfolio’s performance.

Engaging heat maps and data visualizations measure market gains
and losses through the day.

Responsive tables are expandable and swipeable on mobile devices.

New users are on-boarded with a welcome message and helpful tool-tips upon sign-in.

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