The Globe and Mail (2007 - 2019)

As the Design Director and brand steward for The Globe and Mail for over a decade, I helped modernize a traditional news brand with a sleek, contemporary visual identity. Today, the Globe is one of Canada’s most widely recognized brands. It conveys authority, truth and trust, and continues to garner international recognition for print and digital design.

Horizontal logo mark designed by me in 2010 and refined in 2015.

The Globe’s Creative Director, Adrian Norris, and I redesigned the newspaper in 2010, which proved to be one of the longest serving redesigns in the paper’s history. I refined the design in 2015. A year later, The Globe and Mail was shortlisted for World’s Best Design by The Society for News Design.

Exterior signage for the The Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto, Canada. 

Square version of logo mark with sub-brands and affiliate word marks, refined in 2019. 

Globe Assembly events calendar for 2019.

Word mark for Cannabis Pro subscription newsletter.

Print ad for Cannabis Pro.

Event sign for Cannabis Pro.

Stationery: A complete set of envelopes, letterhead and business cards for 2018. 

Colour-coded system of avatars for social media pages.

Globe Politics Twitter page with social avatar design.

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