Bistro on the Avenue

Montréal, Canada

For over 27 years, Bistro on the Avenue was a destination for French dining in Montréal with an elite clientele that included renowned politicians, executives and academics. In 2008, I was hired to re-establish the brand identity and menu design for this storied Westmount eatery.

Brunch menu: The rooster speaks to both French symbolism (The Gallic Rooster) and the dawning of a new day. It seemed the perfect icon and illustration for the setting. 

Dinner menu: Abstract wallpaper of silverware on the cover, juxtaposed with 18th century printing type inside  (Bodoni), resulted in classic elegance with a modern twist. The menu was set in English with French translation (below).

A magazine ad featured an Art Déco illustration to promote simplicity and style.

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